Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Craft Room Wall Quote

Hi everyone,

I am sorry this took so long to get up as life has been more hectic than I expected this past week.  My son's girlfriend graduated high school and I went to that in a very poorly picked location.  You would think that if they knew that they were going to be 200 parking slots short they would have changed the venue.  Anyways, enough about that and onto the project!

I designed this on my gypsy using plantin schoolbook and gypsy font. I used my cricut expression to cut out the black vinyl and I high recommend using the transfer paper.  It makes it so much easier and keeps everything lined up well.

It's a good thing I didn't ask my husband to help me with this as I tried to get a line on the wall I was happy with.  I used a long level and it didn't look right at all standing back, so I had to keep tweaking and tweaking.  I think he would have wanted to kill me :P.

Here is the full view shot taken back as far as I can go since my room is pretty small:

Close up view of the butterfly I cut out as well:

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and I definately will be doing more things like this in my house. 


  1. Wendy you did a great job on this. TFS, Mary M

  2. I love this, Wendy. Great job!

  3. Awesome vinyl project!! I love how you used a differnet font on creative with the really draws the eye.

  4. I really love it! We are hoping to move soon and I want to do a lot of vinyl in our new house.

  5. This looks great!! I love using my Gypsy with vinyl!

  6. Oh!! I love your craft room and the vinyl on the wall looks fabulous too...... If you add a widget to your blog for followers we could all follow you too.....